The Fake News Game

I learned 6 strategies for creating successful fake news by playing the fake news game on Here’s what I learned:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 4.46.41 PM.png


Impersonating when it comes to fake news is impersonating someone else and disguising yourself as a credible news source which can be highly effective.

It is true that most people pay little attention to sources. As a distributor of information, you can use that to your advantage.


Emotions and fake news deal with playing to people’s emotions like fear, anger or compassion and is a great tool for spreading your message.

Viral articles often have short headlines that evoke these kinds of emotions. In many occasions, people will just read the headline and not the whole story.


This is finding existing grievances and blowing them up. You can drive people apart and make them think a story is much more important than it really is.

Left hand and right hand’s differences can be used to easily exploit content production.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 5.13.47 PM.png


This allows you to use peoples desire for the truth to lure them into your group of followers

All the conspiracy’s that came up in the Fake News Game were real conspiracies and people have taken them seriously. Some people believe in them and some people don’t.


This deals with people attacking your credibility. In this case, it is important to strike back. It is important NOT to apologize, play nice or retreat.

When it comes to responding to criticism, a smear campaign can be an effective response. This is especially true if the criticism is warranted so discrediting is the best action to take.


This technique is trying to evoke an emotional response such as anger, irritation or sadness. It’s important to not hold back because this creates more followers.

Trolling exploits peoples emotions and intentionally makes it hard to determine the truth from untruth. Engaging with a troll is exactly what they want and is a waste of time.


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