Leap #4- Jeans For Teens

Based on the Campaign Jeans For Teens on DoSomething.org, I have created a mini-campaign influenced by this cause. The following page contains a Soundcloud audio as well as a series of images posted on Instagram.

Soundcloud Audio:

Intagram Page:



Teens for Jeans Campaign is designed to provide the sense of normalcy and the most essential item to any teens wardrobe—jeans. This campaign was originally designed because of the millions of young people experiencing homelessness in the US every year. The most requested item was a simple pair of jeans. The solution to this problem was to run a gently used jean drive in your school or community and donate them to a local shelter. You’ll be directly providing an essential clothing item for youth in need. My mini-campaign is directly derived from this larger campaign but will target Universities around the country to fully take advantage of this thoughtful cause. In my mini-campaign, each University will have representatives that will work together to create a drive using their own creativity. To donate, students and community members will be able to check their University Union for a box labeled #TeensForJeans. Every pair of jeans will find a meaningful and much needed home. What is special about my mini-campaign is that each pair of jeans donated will have a piece of paper attached to the inside of the back pocket with a message explaining a positive moment spent in the jeans. The person who gets the pleasure to own the donated jeans will have the opportunity to contact you with the same message if an email address is provided. All addresses will remain anonymous and will all be done through the organization. We appreciate each and every person who decides to donate and will be fully thankful for their generosity and care. My goal for this campaign is to make it as convenient, rewarding and fun as possible to donate jeans to our homeless youth. I hope to donate more jeans than ever before, providing a sense of normalcy and happiness to these teens who aren’t able to provide for themselves. Us teens and young adults all need to work together to make this world a better place no matter what our financial status or living situation. We are all one.

Instagram being the most popular social media for young adults today, I decided to choose 8 photos with captions promoting the donations of jeans to young people. The photos I chose all feature jeans and have a similar vibe. The pictures that I used pose the purpose of provoking emotion in the viewer. Paired with a relevant caption, the Instagram posts evoke the emotion of sadness in the viewer but also a motivation to make a change. Using statistics and loaded phrases like “make a difference” and “we are all one” creates the idea of unity as well as the idea that we can easily make a change with a single action. As I have learned in COM 416 from both professor Hobbes and my readings such as “Trust Me I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday, propaganda techniques are a must when it comes to influencing an individual. Using statistics such as 40% of the homeless in the United States are under 18 gives credibility to my mini-campaign and shows that homelessness is truly a problem in the US right now.

Using the audio uploaded to Soundcloud as a piece of propaganda, it gave me the ability to really speak personally about the subject. I included a personal story about 2 girls, Madison and Rachel which gives a sense of realism to the problem. This campaign is happening for a reason, and to hear a story that actually occurred makes this problem come to life. As I learned from the video “From One Second To The Next” created by AT&T, real-life stories affect people the most. Hearing people speak about what they went through first hand is eye-opening and provokes an emotion that otherwise wouldn’t be there. The tone of my voice is stern but also uplifting in hopes to make the issue come across as important and relevant today, but also not too stern as to not scare people off. Again, in this piece of propaganda, I choose to make the campaign something positive. I explain the campaign and want to make sure that this is a positive experience for everyone. I want to create a sense of happiness and sense of love and care and intimacy. We care. You care.

Throughout my time in this class, I have not only learned so much about propaganda itself, but I have also learned so much about how people think. The content and knowledge that I have from this class will be with me throughout my whole career. Being in the field of PR, this is information I’m going to be using every day for the rest of my life. I appreciate the high expectation and rigorous coursework that Professor Hobbes had for all of us in this class because it forced me and others to learn so much that I otherwise would never have grasped. Thanks for a great semester Professor Hobbes!

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